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Goddess does burns


Goddess does burns


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You can see more updated photography and burns at my flickr account online. Comments and Praise are always welcome, as well as networking and friends.



You can also find my work on, a networking site for models and photographers. If you're interested in doing Trade for photos, or joining the model/photographers pool, I highly reccomend getting a profile through them. It's a great way to meet like minds, see amazing images, and participate in the world of photography.


Influences and Interesting Images:


I'm always into find new artist and sharing the ones I love. Some of my favorite art comes from 50's french noir films such as Elevator to the Gallows and the 60's Jane Fonda classic Barbarella. I'd be interested in finding models and other photographers who are into these aesthetics as well. I also have modeling experience on the other end of the lense. Here are some of my favorite artists.

I love art nouveau! Learn more and find links to artists at:


A Painting by Jan Toorop

Jan Toorop

An amazing symbolist artist, totally psychedelic before Psychedelia was even invented.


A painting by Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon

An artist from the decadent period.



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